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Genshin Impact:
Around the World

This is an unofficial Genshin Impact travel-themed AU zine where characters can be found in real-life locations! Imagine Childe on a banana boat in Okinawa, Lisa reading a book by the canals of Venice, or Kaeya on an Antarctic expedition with some penguins!✦ Fulfillment of preorders is complete! We are now preparing for leftover sales.

* All works are fanmade, derivative and unofficial.

Meet the Mods


Main / FavsXiao & Kaeya (+ Cryo Abyss Mages by extension)
ExperienceCate said she'd stop modding zines but here she is! She's worked on Beyond The Horizon (Co-organization, Design, Layout), This Side of Paradise (Design, Layout, Communication), and Champion (Design, NSFW Layout). See more experience here.


Main / FavsKamisato Ayaka
ExperienceLiv has been involved in over 60 zines as either a mod or a contributor, including Taberu (Organisation, Social), Year of the Cat (Organisation, Social) and Verses upon the Azure Sky (Organisation, Social). See projects & experience here.


Main / FavsYoimiya & Tartaglia (still a Razor main at heart)
ExperienceThis is Danica's first time as a zine mod, but she has extensive design experience as a design and interactive systems grad currently working at a digital agency as a Visual/UI Designer.


Main / FavsKaeya Alberich
ExperienceYaiba is a Japanese illustrator who has modded a series of JP LucKae Anthologies (Organizer), Imperatrix (JP Translation), and Sunkissed (Intern), and contributed as an artist in many zines!!


Main / FavsDiluc Ragnvindr
ExperienceGumi needs to stop joining zines. Her zine sins include All-Stars (every role except Finance & Production), Unbreakable Bonds (Production, Shipping), and some others. She also has a testimonial page for further scrutiny!

Frequently Asked Questions

✦ Ask a question: CuriousCat or Twitter DM

What is a zine?
- A fanzine, or zine, is a term used to describe unofficial fanmade publications which usually contain written fiction and artworks. This zine is a collaborative project by multiple contributors.
What is the theme of this zine?
- The theme of this zine is Genshin Impact characters travelling to real-world locations.
What is the rating of this zine?
- This zine is a strictly SFW, PG13 zine.
Will the zine be physical or digital?
- This will be an A5 physical zine with physical merch + digital PDF.
Will this zine be for-profit or for-charity?
- This zine is for profit, and all net profits after covering the production and shipping costs will be split amongst the contributor team (mods, writers, and artists) via PayPal.
Will there be international shipping?
- Yes, international shipping will be available with some restrictions based on country. UK and EU buyers will need to front any VAT as it will not be included at checkout.
Where are you shipping from?
- We will be shipping from the United States.
How will contributors be compensated?
- All contributors are guaranteed a digital PDF copy of the zine. We will upgrade the compensation to a full bundle, and then paid shipping once we make enough profits. However, if the zine does not break even, contributors will receive a free digital copy of the zine, and all items (book, merch) will be available at production price.
- Contributors must be over 18 to receive any monetary compensation or have a parent or guardian with a Paypal account. If they are below the age of 18, the applicant is ineligible to receive any monetary compensation unless they have a parent/guardian with a Paypal account due to Paypal's terms and services/user agreement.
Will there be ships featured in this zine?
- No, this is a general zine so characters should only be portrayed platonically.
What characters will be included in this zine?
- This zine will feature any official released and upcoming characters (and creatures) from Genshin Impact. Original characters will not be included in this zine.
Who can contribute to this zine?
- All mods are 18+ with prior relevant experience.
- Contributors should be 16 or older by the time of application to the zine. Prior zine experience is not necessary as templates and guidelines will be available.
How can I apply as a contributor?
- Contributor applications opened on 19 February, 2022, but have since closed.
Do I need to have Genshin Impact works in my portfolio?
- This zine featuring Genshin characters, so Genshin works in your portfolio would be beneficial whether you apply as an artist or writer.
Will you accept traditional artworks?
- Yes, we will accept traditional artworks. Please ensure that you can provide a clean scan with a minimum resolution of 300dpi for your final piece, and include examples in your portfolio.
Will mods be allowed to apply as contributors?
- Yes, mods can apply as contributors through the contributor application forms, and will not be allowed to judge themselves throughout the selection process.
Who are the mods for this zine?
- All mods are listed on our Mods page.
For other questions, send them to our CuriousCat or Twitter DMs.


Interest Check15 January - 12 February 2022
Contributor Applications19 February - 19 March 2022
Contributor Results26 March - 02 April 2022
Concept Check09 April 2022
Check-in #130 April 2022
Check-in #228 May 2022
Final Submissions02 July 2022
Preorders05 August - 28 October 2022
PO Fulfilment15 September - 19 October 2023
LeftoversQ1 2024


✦ Check out our talented lineup of artists and writers here! ✦

Applications & Guidelines

General Guidelines
- Applicants should be at least 16 years old by the end of the application period (19 March, 2022).
- Applicants can apply for more than one role, but will only be accepted for one.
- Make sure samples and portfolios are easy to access! If using a Google Drive folder, it should be set so “Anyone with the link” can view. Provide passwords to any password-locked portfolio sites.
- Online portfolios, Google Drive folders, Twitter moments, art-only Instagram accounts, tagged Tumblr posts, Carrds with a gallery are allowed as art portfolios. Twitter media tabs and general Tumblrs with works of others are not allowed. AO3 is allowed for writer portfolios.
- Plagiarism is strictly prohibited and applications will be void if suspected.
- All submitted works must be SFW. Applications with NSFW samples will be disregarded excluding properly tagged content in AO3 writer portfolios. NSFW includes but is not limited to nudity, adult content, intense blood/gore, body horror, etc.
- Prior experience is not required as page, merch and writer templates will be provided.
- Must have or be willing to make a Discord account for zine communications and announcements.
- Failure to follow these guidelines may result in disqualification.

Page & Merch Artist Guidelines
- Submit a visual portfolio of 5-20 (or more) best works that reflect the style intended for the zine
- For page art, at least one sample should have a fully illustrated background (no graphic elements, solid colours or gradients)
- For merch art, examples of the preferred type of merch to create are encouraged
- Genshin Impact pieces are encouraged, but not required
- Applications will be judged based on consistency, colour, anatomy, lighting, backgrounds (where applicable), perspective and engaging composition
- Page Expectations: One full page or a double-page spread full-colour illustration. Specs and templates will be provided upon acceptance.
- Merch Expectations: 2-4 merch pieces (depending on type). Specs and templates will be provided upon acceptance.

Writer Guidelines
- Submit 3 written samples that best showcase writing style and ability to establish setting
- Samples should be around 2000-2500 words. One sample should be completed within 2500 words, and the others can be excerpts of longer works.
- One Genshin Impact piece is required.
- NSFW pieces are not allowed in the 3 samples. Any NSFW works should be properly tagged within your portfolio.
- Applications will be judged on ability to tell a story within a short word count, characterization and interactions in a general/non-romantic setting, grammar, syntax and flow. We will also be looking at the ability to combine canon and non-canon elements.
- Writer Expectations: One fic around 8 pages (A5)/2000-2500 words. A template will be provided upon acceptance.
For any questions, check our FAQ, or you can ask at our CuriousCat or Twitter DMs.

募集 & ガイドライン

- 執筆者募集期間終了時(2022年3月19日)までに16歳以上であることが必要です。
- 複数のポジションに応募することは可能ですが、1つのポジションにのみ受理されます。
- サンプルやポートフォリオに簡単にアクセスできるようにしてください。Googleドライブのフォルダを使用する場合は、「リンクがあれば誰でも閲覧できる」ように設定してください。
- wixサイトなどで作成したオンラインポートフォリオ、Google Driveフォルダ、Twitterモーメント、アート専用Instagramアカウント、タグ付きTumblr投稿、pixivのログまとめ等はアートポートフォリオとして利用可能です。Twitterのメディアタブや、他の人の作品を載せた一般的なTumblrは利用不可能です。
- 盗作は固く禁じられており、疑われる場合は応募を無効とします。
- 応募作品はSFW(全年齢向け)に限ります。NSFWなサンプルを含む応募は受理されません。NSFWとは、ヌード、アダルトコンテンツ、激しい血や血糊、切断などを指しますが、これに限定されるものではありません。
- すべての作品においてテンプレートを用意してあるため、テンプレートが開けるソフトをお持ちであれば、過去の経験は問いません。
- アンソロジーの連絡やコミュニケーションのためにDiscordのアカウントを持っているか、作る意志があること。
- これらのガイドラインに従わない場合、失格となることがあります。

- アンソロジーで意図するスタイルを反映したアートワークの5~20点(またはそれ以上)の作品のビジュアルポートフォリオを提出すること。最低でもサンプルの3点は完成されたイラストである必要があります。
- ページアーティスト希望の場合、少なくとも1つのサンプルは背景が完全にイラストであること(グラフィック要素、無地、グラデーションは不可)。
- ページアーティスト希望の場合、少なくとも1つのサンプルは背景が完全にイラストであること(グラフィック要素、無地、グラデーションは不可)。
- グッズアーティスト希望の場合、作成したいグッズに適したタイプのイラストを推奨します。例えばポストカードなら通常のイラスト、アクリルチャームやステッカーの場合はSDイラストが適しているでしょう。
- 原神の二次創作作品の提出を推奨しますが、必須ではありません。
- 応募作品は、一貫性、色彩、解剖学、照明、背景(該当する場合)、遠近法、魅力的な構図に基づいて審査されます。
- ページアーティストは、1ページまたは見開き2ページのフルカラーイラストをご寄稿いただきます。テンプレートは、採用時にお渡しします。
- グッズアーティストは、 2〜4点のグッズをご寄稿いただきます。テンプレートは、採用時にお渡しします。

質問があると、FAQを見たり、Twitter DMまたCurious Catで質問してください。


- 申请者应在申请期结束时(2022 年 3 月 19 日)年满 16 岁。
- 申请者可以申请超过一项,但至多只会被录取到一项。
- 请确保作品集链接可被读取,并无密码锁定。
- 在线作品集、Google Drive 文件夹、Twitter 、仅限艺术的 Instagram 帐户、标记的 Tumblr 帖子、带有画廊的carrd都可被接受。
- 严禁抄袭。
- 带有 NSFW (18禁) 的申请将不被考虑,不包括 AO3 作家组合中正确标记的内容。 NSFW 包括但不限于裸体、成人内容、血腥/血腥、身体恐怖等。
- 申请者无需拥有参与画集经验。
- 必须拥有或愿意为画集通讯和公告创建 Discord 帐户。
- 不遵守以上准则可能会导致取消资格。

- 提交 3 个作品样本和 5-20 个(或更多)最佳作品作为作品集
- 画集中至少一个样本必须有完整的背景
- 画集中建议与原神有关的作品(若有)
- 申请将根据风格的一致性、色彩、人体结构、背景(如适用)、构图进行评判
- 画集要求:全彩插画。规格和模板将在申请成功后将由主办方提供。
- 周边要求:2-4 件周边(取决于类型)。规格和模板将在申请成功后将由主办方提供。

若有任何疑问,请查阅FAQ或者通过推特的私信或者是Curious Cat提出。